The Australian Dream

A journey of a migrant exploring Australia's identity

I love Australia. This country has given me the opportunities and freedom to chase my dreams. I can feel no less than a privileged to be part of this incredible society. But like it happens with people, countries are also a sea of contradictions, and Australia is no exception. It’s a vast, welcoming, unique and prosperous place. But at the same time, it’s remote, harsh, fragile, and is in constant tension with a version of its past, and the look of a fair future.

As a migrant with a cultural baggage of a tumultuous Spanish history, and a fresh experience as a citizen of Australia, I want to find the essence of what it means to be Australian, with its singularities, contradictions, and diversity.

Ultimately, I’m looking for my place in this country, and I want to do it by learning and sharing the stories of extraordinary people that shape Australia today.